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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 25, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [meow] [laughter] craig: anyway, i'm going to read this book, actually. it is a very interesting idea. although i didn't understand the thing about the cars. she didn't explain it to me at all. it is probably in here. is it in here? have you read it? well, look at you, college. well, we have to go.
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how was your evening, geoff? all right? geoff: hey, everybody. let's orgy. craig: all right, let's orgy. we'll orgy and be back on monday. good night, everybody. captioned by the national captioning institute ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. oh my god. our house. your car. oh my god, our house is flooded. >> today's downpour, water and mud flow into homes and businesses. this one of many trouble spots after the latest wet and windy storm drenches the bay area and more rain is coming. good evening, i'm dana king. this is the most punishing storm we've seen in quite a while. roberta is tracking the next storm coming in. robert lyles with serious flooding in contra costa
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county, we begin with video of flood waters rushing through town. kit. >> reporter: dana, it is a soggy mess here in the heart of downtown. every now and then you see people armed with hoses and mops, trying to clean up their businesses. you see the giant vacuum cleaner that people are using to suck water out of the carpet. there is mud covered everywhere here in downtown after a very traumatic day. >> at first, it was just a spectacle of nature. a downpour turned the normally calm river that runs downtown into an ugly, muddy rage. diverted water flow from a creek to underground. the crews reported hearing strange noises and then it blew. >> our house. >> thousands upon thousands of gallons of water cascaded down the hill and headed straight for homes and businesses in the
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downtown area. julie crane captured this footage of the water lapping at her front door t. went up a foot high and flooded her home. >> you were crying? >> oh, i was frightened. >> it's gone down a little bit. >> witnesses say a 2-foot wall of water and mud rushed through, inundating businesses with water at times that was knee deep. scott shot this video in front of the family business. >> seven minutes, it came up to here. and it came underneath our walls and our back door. the whole place became part of the river. >> the gash and the asphalt from the ruptured culvert was 100 feet long. inside the mobile home park, one unit was destroyed and 40 more were damaged. of the 6 inches of rain that fell, the city says 5 inches fell in two hours. >> that's a significant amount of rain. it's more rain than the system was able to handle and as a
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result, it caused the system failure. >> the main fire station got hit as did the police station. they will be mopping up the mess for quite some time. >> it's been a wet afternoon. >> and no reports of any injuries. however, the evacuation order remains in effect. and they were dealing with some wild weather up in martinez. robert lill joins us with that part of the story. robert. >> reporter: wild is exactly right. since sun up here in martinez. all eyes were on the skies. that's because it seemed the rain would not stop. cbs 5 monitoring station recorded nearly an inch and a half of rain fall just here in downtown washing out the roads. all that water had to go somewhere. it ended up here. now that it's night fall, all eyes are on the water and that title gauge praying tonight it does not rise any higher. >> we have never seen anything this big coming down. i was like, what the heck? >> mike watched as the waters
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swad led a full grown tree. >> it was about 15 feet. it was over a thousand at least. >> and all that weight and all that water slammed into the support pillar. >> it was like a car accident. >> this morning's deluge sent creek water levels at capacity. trains had to be blocked off, fearing the creek would crest its banks and as the rain continued to fall, almost every street from highway 4 to downtown turned into a rusty river. by midday, police issued an alert, start sandbagging. >> a piece of wood behind it with plastic. >> bob owns anagely store downtown. even though police lifted the alert, he is not lifting a bag, believing the creek will rise overnight. >> more rain coming with the high tide puts the water level
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up higher, bases it can't get out. >> while he tries to save property from the creek, moses is trying to save the beaver. >> that's why i'm down here looking to see if they are out, if they are getting washed out of their dam. >> the creek seems to have taken three beavers. if they can't clear this log, mike alvarez is worried this log jam will create a dangerous dam. >> so if it's going to continue to rain, they may want to keep an eye on that thing. >> reporter: all day and all night, it has been a flow of these creek waters. in fact, just before sun down, the water levels were at that zero mark and that is why everyone was nervous. now with the potential of speratic showers, you can understand why everyone here in martinez continues to be nervous. the real worry is saturday and dana, that's when it is expected to see more showers here in martinez. >> we're going to talk to
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roberta in a minute about that. thank you. rising waters threatening homes around clear lake. the lake could flood for the first time in more than a decade. the lake will hit flood stage by 11:00 tomorrow morning. stores selling out of sandbags. now in the late 80s, more than 700 people were left homeless because of severe flooding. we're going check in with roberta now. this has been crazy. >> and now we have more activity that has just developed. first off, i want to take you along the peninsula, where we have moderate rain fall right there and this is now lifting up in a northerly direction toward san mateo. to the north, up stream, this is a line that just about very rapidly containing some heavy rain and some of these pockets could actually cause that thunderstorm as well. some of these storms could contain small hail.
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meanwhile, vacville, fairfield, rio vista, this activity, moderate rain fall as well. this is all developing in an unsettled air mass after receiving all of this earlier today. over 4 inches of rain today alone. scott valley nearly 3 1/4 inches. and oakland and the hills 2 1/2 inches as dana was eluding to, we have more rain tomorrow. it will be the 20th day in the month of march of rain fall. we'll tell you the areas that will be hardest impacted later on. >> roberta. thank you. in the barry bonds perjury trial today, the court got a lesson in the science of steroids. a chemist more the antidoping agency told jurors that bonds has exhibited head and foot swelling, which is consistent with using human growth hormone. he also said that the drugs that baseball's home run king are accused of taking were designed to avoid detection. he says that he thought they
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were flaxseed oil and arthritis cream when he took them. the united states has taken the next step in military operations in libya. turning over primary command to nato. nato will now be in charge of enforcing the no fly zone. that word comes after french jets hit a libyan plane, apparently set up to test the no fly zone. secretary of state, hillary clinton, says the u.s. has made significant progress. >> a massacre was prevented. gadhafi's air force and air defenses have been rendered largely ineffective and the coalition is in control of the skies above libya. >> also hit today, a military facility that went up in flames. libya says the facility was not only destroyed, but there were also military and civilian casualties. and the arab uprising spread to syria, where today 20,000 people took to the streets in the southern part of the country.
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now this is notable because syria is one of the most repressive countries in the middle east. more demonstrations are planned after friday prayers. well here at home with the stroke of a pen, governor brown cut $8.2 billion from the state budget, but he says that is not enough. >> but of course, we are only half way to the goal line and we need to find more revenues or we need to make more and more drastic cuts. certainly the next round of cuts will be much more painful. >> today's cuts impact millions of californians. programs for the developmentally disabled and mentally ill have been slashed. and as joe vazquez shows us, students at community college will have to pay more. >> like many students at laney college in oakland, students are struggling to pay their way through. she says she is disappointed with how the budget raises fees
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from 26 to 36 per unit. >> it's not coming from other places, it seems unfair. >> i'm blind sided by it, honestly. $10 per unit? that's crazy. >> that may not seem like much, but that could add up to $120 or $150 per semester. >> they are saying everybody has to take a hit. >> i don't even know what to say about that. i think there's more people in this world that can take a hit besides us students that are trying to better ourselves. >> the governor announced huge cuts to the university of california and california state systems. they will be cut $75 million. as for k through 12 education, brown said today they have escaped cuts so far, but that's only if the governor can get voters to approve an extension of taxes raise two years ago. >> parents are freaking out. >> if not, primary education faces a $5 billion cut sometime this year. >> we're talking about $900 a
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child for all 6 million children in public education here in california. >> san francisco parents formed a group called education our state. parents from all over california have written some 57,000 letters to urge legislators to get that tax extension on the ballot. >> let us vote on this. give us a chance to save education. they are playing games in sacramento and our children are the ones whose lives are at stake. their future is at stake. >> joe vazquez, cbs 5. it's not every day you go to a dinner party with a plumber, a sheriff, and a politician. but tonight, they were the guests of honor in montera at the evening with the joe's. their goal, to raise big bucks for the campaign to defeat barack obama. joe the plumber, the tea party activist who became an overnight celebrity during the 2008 election joined sheriff joe, the top cop from arizona, and joe miller, the former tea
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party senate candidate from alaska. >> how do you think the tea party will have americans take them seriously? >> first off, the reputation is brought about by a lot of the liberal media. you know, you're going to have to deal with it in any kind of organizations. more accountable. more individual responsibility. >> none of the activists would name a favorite presidential candidate to represent the tea party. all united in that the tea party is a force to be reckoned with in 2012. >> pilots flying blind after an air traffic controller fell asleep. tonight the immediate changes in that control tower. and the mother paralyzed during childbirth wants to see her children and why the dad doesn't think it's a good idea. elizabeth taylor knows how to make an entrance, even in ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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shift from now on, at washington's reagan national, solo two air traffic controllers will work the midnight shift from now on at washington's reagan national after a staffer working solo admits that he fell asleep on duty. the employee has since been suspended since two jet liners landed safely without any help on tuesday night. investigators say that he has 20 years of experience and he was on his fourth straight overnight shift from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. an american airlines pilot
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asked a regional controller 40 miles away for help. > in addition to the extra worker overnight at reagan, the faa is re-examining other staffing. about 30 airports, most of them smaller facilities with light overnight traffic have single controllers working overnight. a decision is expected tomorrow in a ground breaking child custody battle. the mother cannot speak, she was paralyzed and left badly brain damaged while giving birth to triplets. but she wants to see her children. melissa on the specifics of her request that her exobjects to. >> triplets four years old are at stake in the middle of a custody battle. abby suffered severe brain damage during childbirth back in 2006. it was a medical malpractice
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suit that awarded her family nearly $10 million. now abby's parents are conservators are fighting for their daughter's right to see her children. >> parents are entitled by law to reasonable visitation with their children unless a parent can show detriment. >> susan and paul coen are asking to visit their children in south carolina. dan wants less than three visits and each monitored. his attorney says the grandparents give the children false hope. >> the harm really comes through the grandmother, who is unrealistic in her beliefs that her daughter, one day, will recover and walk on the beach with her children, which is a medical impossibility. and dan believes his children should deal with the reality of what their mother's situation is. >> abby's attorney says the decision should not be based on her medical ailments no matter
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how severe. >> her daughter, who is admittedly in an unfit position because she is in a mentally conscious state at best or in a vegetative state at worst. and under either circumstance, she is really just not there. she is not able to interact with her children. >> for the children to have a relationship with their mother. irrespective of her medical condition. so it really doesn't matter if she is there or not. i mean, we feel that she is there, what it's about is a parents fundamental right to have a relationship with their child. >> the couple has been divorced for some time now. i spoke to abby's parents in south carolina. they say they are praying for a judge to rule to reunit abby with her children. a judge will make his decision tomorrow. in los angeles, melissa, cbs 5. a brief private funeral was held today for elizabeth taylor. five black stretch limousines
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took taylor's to and from the cemetery this afternoon. four dozen people gathered to remember the actress. services lasted about an hour. taylor's funeral started later than its scheduled time of 2:00 p.m. at her request. also at her request, an announcement at her funeral. quote, she wanted to be late for her own funeral. taylor died yesterday of congestive heart failure. she ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good evening, from the cbs 5 weather center in san francisco, we take you to chicago compliments of mike dunn who sent me this video in from facebook. we thank you very much for the flooding that was occurring there earlier today. all the way through highway 4. now a live radar does suggest we have some very powerful rain cells moving through the bay area. right now this one overhead the redwood city area, out towards the san mateo bridge. we also have a line, a very powerful cell. this one right here near sanoma into san rafael.
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this has a lot of precipitation and heading towards the delta. this is all developing in unsettled air mass. because of all the rain that we did experience earlier today, we now set anywhere between 100 and 129% of normal. as far as our seasonal rain fall stats are concerned and that's largely because of today's rain fall where we did see over 2 inches of rain accumulate and san rafael, i kind of question this right here, but that's what liver more airport did report today and over 3/4 of an inch of rain throughout san jose. tonight, 30s and 40s and tomorrow, yes, for the 20th day in the month of march, we will have rain. you'll need that umbrella. sure, the system is out of here, but behind it, a lot of unsettled air mass. playing out your forecast like this, watch the clock, there's your morning commute with scattered rain showers. we continue to see the rain throughout the afternoon. heavier precipitation develop out over the open waters, moves
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in. high surf warning in effect until 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. daytime highs in the 50s. maybe it's about 60 degrees at best. more moderate rain saturday, a break sunday, but more rain sunday night and then dry out monday ,,,, my washer had a foul odor that made the whole room stink. even my laundry started to get a funny smell. [ female announcer ] got a bad odor in your high-efficiency washer? clean it with tide washing machine cleaner. three uses will help remove odor-causing residues
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this little baby keeps track of your great driving habits, so you can save money. [sighs] amazing. it's like an extra bonus savings. [ cackling ] he's my ride home. how much can the snapshot discount save you? call or click today. tournament... the last time duke played arizona, they beat the the sweet 16 got underway tonight in the ncaa tournament. the last time duke played arizona they beat the wildcats
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in the 2001 national championship. a little different outcome tonight. the coach is going for win number 901 in anaheim. blue devils have a 6 point halftime lead. a lot of hometown cooking. nails his only 3 of the game. arizona goes on a 19-2 run. outscoring duke by 22 in the second half. derek williams throws down two of his game points. >> he pushes -- >> start over again. >> it's all right. what i was saying wasn't that good. >> yukon went shoulder to shoulder. aztecs tried, but couldn't contain. nkemable walker who had 36. a long ball.
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thanks to a couple three's from dj. they pulled with it one with under 2 to go. jeremy came up big down the stretch. three to put yukon up by 4. and then the steal. 24 points on 9 of 11 shooting. that was unexpected. huskies advance to face arizona now. no one relies on the one player more than byu. case in point, tonight against florida. jim took 29 shots. the other four starters took 30 combined. taking its act to the big easy tonight. second half, byu down 3. pulls up for mid court. lock at there. that's an nba3. just 3 of 15 from long range. final seconds tide at 68. chandler had a chance to be a hero, but he came up short. this game goes to overtime. alex capped off his huge night,
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17 rebound night. florida beats byu. has anyone stocked up more? his bulldogs held wisconsin to 30% shooting. the badgers went 9 minutes without scoring. there were no last second heroics, but the butler big man led the bulldogs with 20 points and 12 rebounds. they take down wisconsin, setting up a matchup with florida in the elite 8. we got some tough baseball news. cody ross is expected to begin the season on the disabled list and miss three weeks after straining his calf in yesterday's spring training game. >> score twice in the final
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five minutes. justin brown to get the kings the advantage. once again, it came down to marlow. we do have some good news. the sharks got a point, because the game went to ot. that one point ties in with detroit now for second place in the western conference. so, even though you lose, you win. >> there you go. you are talking about butler's coach, stevens. his stock went up so much last year. gave him a huge raise. what are they going to do? >> he can write his own ti,,,,,
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